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“Stages” is the fourth release of guitarist Dan Pitt and the second album of his main trio project.


Building on a strong jazz foundation, the music on this album combines influences of ambient, rock and chambered music. Woven together with collective and individual improvisation and interpretation of composed material. 


releases September 8th, 2023

Dan Pitt - Electric Guitar and Compositions

Alex Fournier - Double Bass

Nick Fraser - Drums and Cymbals


Wrongs is the tthird release of Dan's and the first to featture this large of an ensemble.

Pitt expands his creative visions further by adding a tetrad of woodwind instruments into the mix of his creative writing. The record features various combinations of woodwind instruments, creating a wide range of textures for each piece.


releases April 9, 2021

Naomi McCarroll-Buttler - Alto Saxophone and Bass Clarinet

Patrick Smith - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

Dan Pitt - Electric Guitar and Compositions

Alex Fournier - Double Bass

Nick Fraser - Drums and Cymbals


Monochrome is the experimental solo guitar album of guitarist Dan Pitt. It features spontaneous compositions, improvisations and sketches that captures a broad range of styles and sounds from jazz and folk to avant-garde and rock/metal. Pitt combines various combinations of acoustic and electric guitars with electronics and sampler phrases to create a wide array of sounds on the instrument that can be described as atmospheric yet raw and unfiltered.


released September 4, 2020

Dan Pitt - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, effect pedals, loops, sampler phrases.


Everdream is the result of an impromptu recording session between trumpeter Kaelin Murphy, guitarist Dan Pitt and drummer Harry Vetro. The three went into record with no music, no rehearsal and nothing planned. These spontaneous compositions are the result of this session.

released March 20, 2020

Kaelin Murphy - Trumpet
Dan Pitt - Electric Guitar and Effects
Harry Vetro - Drums and Cymbals



Debut recording of the Dan Pitt Trio. This album features original compositions ranging from through composed content to open folk-like melodies. The music ranges from folk and classical influences to rock, metal and avant-garde with a strong foundation in jazz and improvisation.

released October 18, 2019

Dan Pitt - Guitars/Compositions
Alex Fournier - Double Bass
Nick Fraser - Drums and Cymbals

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