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“"Fundamentally Flawed" is an album that is rich in complexity, original creativity and sophisticated musicianship. The trio of Dan Pitt, Alex Fournier and Nick Fraser have collaborated to produce a seamless mosaic of traditional and contemporary jazz that is adventurous and focused as they breathe life into every composition and note. Each member is uniquely talented and the sounds they make together will surprise even the most devoted jazz fanatic.”

- The Jazz Music Blog


“The word "atmospheric" fits this cohesive set of Pitt originals. But it is an "atmospheric" with guts. Composed sections slip into intervals of fluid improvisation, with an equilibrium of inspired instrumental input pervading, on a promising debut that has no fundamental flaws."

- AllAboutJazz


“A cat happy to give Manny Eicher some love, this date recalls classic ECM sessions from the mid 70s when no one was really sure what to call it.  The kind of stuff they were doing with cats that weren’t major label refugees, this is sure to take you back to the day, jetting there in fine style."

- Midwest Record

“Pitt, living in Toronto, clearly keeps his finger on the pulse of recent developments in his field."

- Jazzenzo


“Pitt achieves a sublime work that moves through contemporary jazz music without abandoning old-fashioned jazz.”

- Solar Latin Jazz Club


“Pitt is an inventive composer who uses tone and colour to paint soundscapes in various moods and modes.”

- Art and Culture Maven

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